TooCool is born from the passionate desire of a group of entrepreneurs who believe in hard work as a tool to make dreams come true. We are an organization that loves beauty and design. We believe in happiness as the force that pushes creativity and creation. We strongly believe that being a trendy and cool brand is more than just window-dressing.

We Believe

For us, being cool and trendy is to shower with colors a world that increasingly needs happiness
and the simple beauties of life. We are inspiration and passion. We believe in the love that
mothers have for their daughters when they buy a TooCool piece to share moments of magic and
fun. Because that’s what life is all about. It’s little moments with the people we love. Moments
that we will remember forever. We love making pieces people can wear to enjoy nature and take
care of it.

We have a commitment and desire to make TooCool a leader in the competitive world of fashion. We believe in growth and prosperity only if it is driven by the ultimate goal of helping others.  At TooCool, we are convinced of the power of education and vocational training for employment. We believe in solidarity and in the additive power of individual effort to collectively achieve social and economic prosperity. 
We brought together Venezuelan women who needed a boost to turn their lives around. We multiply the effort and share the benefits. Part of our profit goes to supporting organizations and helping them increase their impact.

We Work

At TooCool, we want to be leaders in the design and manufacture of bathing suits for little girls.

We carefully select materials of the highest qualities and look after each detail of the manufacturing process. We want to offer products that were thought of and created by expert hands, hands that are committed to working with mystique and passion.

Our pieces are created by designers whose guiding marks are beauty, fashion, and comfort. With our brand TooCool, we aspire to take to local and international markets products made by a multidisciplinary team that will always safeguard the quality and beauty of each product.

From our workshops, we want to fill the world with beautiful pieces made from the highest quality fabrics and unique designs. Pieces to love daughters, life, and nature.

We work hard, with love and determination, as the only way to achieve prosperity, freedom, and happiness.

Our garments are the product of creatives that have two goals in mind: beauty and functionality. Our pieces are trendy but comfortable. Our work is for mothers who want to have a beautiful, trendy, fun, comfortable and lasting outfit for their daughters. Pieces that are made by women who learn a craft that will allow them to substantially increase the quality of their lives. TooCool is a brand that believes in solidarity, productivity, beauty and creativity. We believe in
the potential within every human being, and that the sum of everyone’s potential can change the course of a life and a family. We don’t just believe in these values, we live them and promote them with our actions.