The Swimwear Care Guide

Wash it

Strong sunlight, saltwater and chlorine can make swimwear fade and discolor, so rinse yours straight after use in fresh water. You can then pop the items – turned inside out – into the washing machine at 40°C (or follow the instructions on the care label). Wash tops and bottoms from a set together so they stay in the same condition. 

Dry it

Don’t let swimwear lie damp in the washing machine for too long. And remember direct heat and bright sunlight are bad news for hues. These quick-drying pieces are best left to lie flat, but you can also peg them on the line in a shady spot. 

Store it

Keep your swimwear in a cool, dry spot: your underwear drawer’s perfect if it’s not near a radiator. Off-season, store items flat to stop them creasing and fading, with the tops and bottoms of sets united in breathable mesh or vacuum bags (you’ll thank yourself when summer rolls back round).